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Ilton Talking has been published since 1997. It was starting with help from South Somerset District Council to promote fundraising for the new play equipment in the Recreation Field.

Since then it has been used by many organisations to promote their events and help with fundraising. These include St Peters church, Ilton Memorial Hall, St Mary & St Peters School. and many more village groups

Ilton Talking is Published,Printed and Distributed free of charge by volunteers to homes in Ilton. It is Published about 3 times a year depending on articals submitted.

Please use the contact link if you find something is wrong on this website. We cannot put it right unless we know something is wrong.

The website is now available for at least the next 2 years so all those who wish to follow the exciting episodes of Ilton Parish Council minutes will be able to continue to do so, 

It is still a shame that there are still some people in this community that do not seem to respect the hard unpaid little things that many people in this village do just to try and make it a better place for the benefit of everyone and are happy to sit back and moan and complain on social media instead of talking to people and listening and offering to help.

Website Updated 17th April 2017

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