Ilton Parish Council Accounts

Public information about the Councils accounts are published on this page.


Ilton External Auditor Report 2018-19.pdf

Ilton - Notice of Conclusion of Audit.pdf

2018-19 - income & expenditure acc.pdf

20190331 - notes to the accounts & asset list.pdf

Bank Reconciliation @ 31.03.19 (ilton).pdf

Ilton Accounting Statement 2018-19.pdf

Ilton Annual Governance Statement 2018-19.pdf

Ilton Annual Internal Audit 2018-19.pdf

Ilton Notice of Public Rights 2019.pdf


Notice of the audit 2017-2018.pdf

External Auditor Report 2017-18.pdf

 Ilton - income and expenditure account at 31 March 2018

Ilton - Bank Reconciliation @ 31.03.18

Ilton - Notes to the accounts and asset list at 31 March 2018

Ilton - significant variations annual return @ 31 March 2018

Ilton Accounting Statements 2017-2018

Ilton Annual Governance Statement 2017-18

Ilton Annual Internal Audit Report 2017-18.pdf

Ilton Notice of Public Rights 2017-18.pdf


2015-16 - income & expenditure acc.

2015-16  notes to the accounts and asset list.

audit form 2016.


Ilton Parish Council Accounts 2016-17

Ilton Parish Council Annual Accounting Statements 2016-2017

Ilton Parish Council Annual Governance Statement 2016-17

Ilton Parish Council Bank Reconciliation @ 31.03.17

Ilton Parish Council Declaration of Status of Accounts 2017

Ilton Parish Council Notes to the Accounts & Asset List 2016-17

Ilton Parish Council Notice of Commencement of the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights 2017

Precept 2016/17

The Grant from Central government to Parish Councils has been reducing year on year. This year the grant is £480 as against £1,470 last year. To maintain the same income as last year (ie £18,470) will unfortunately mean a 3.13% increase or £1.89 a year per band D property.

Compare this to the Conservative Controlled County Council who have agreed a 3.99% increase along with £18m of cuts to already depleted services and will mean approximately a £50 a year increase per band D property.

No one likes increases, but please keep these percentage figures in perspective.

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